Pomegranate: Your Super Anti Aging Fruit

Day after day new researches provide more benefits of natural plants that may have Therapeutic properties to some serious diseases such as Cancer, Sexual Impotence, and others.

Women Health

Recent research has shown that the pomegranate is rich source of antioxidants, which play an important role in protecting the body from chronic diseases, Such as Heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and breast cancer.  And if women used to add pomegranate to their healthy diet, they would assure the vital and long-term prevention of such diseases. and that is because of its ability to destroy cancer cells in a “self-destruction” manner.

There are  three types of Pomegranates: sweet, acid and moderate, according to its different features and characteristics, and according to the proportion of sugars in it, sweet type contains citric acid 1%, sugar by 7%, proteins 1%, fiber 2%, ash 4.7% , 3% fat, and water by 81.3%, plus small amounts of mineral salts, especially iron and vitamin C, while in the solid part of the pomegranate, “pomegranate seed” the proportion of protein rises to 9%, and fats to 7%, And one of the significant benefits of pomegranate seeds, “which number in one Pomegranate by about 840 tablets, according to a British study” is their ability to digest hard materials, especially grease and fat, Therefore, it has a good benefit in digesting heavy meals.

Alternative to Viagra  For sexual problems, a good advice is drink pomegranate juice for a month at least. To find great results, comparable to using Viagra, as announced recently in a published study at the University of California, the study says: “The pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants that increase the amount of blood in the genitals,” that study led by Dr. Christopher Forrest included selected 53 men who suffer from sexual problems, and after drinking the pomegranate juice for about a month, medical conditions of more than half of them have significantly improved. Medical researchers have announced earlier that drinking about a quarter of a liter per day of pomegranate increases the stability of the prostate cancer, and that it enables cancer patients to live in stability and well being. Besides it reduces the incidence death resulting from such dangerous disease, which is spreading and being increasingly dangerous continuously with age.

Surprising results The scientific study also included testing in aged patients with cancer of the applicants. Who according to official statistics supposed to die within 15 months after surgery for them or for the treatment of exposure through radiation, and after eating a daily cup of pomegranate juice, a significant increase in the average age of the same category has observed. And they lived an average of 54 months, as confirmed by a report in The Times British newspaper. The researchers assured that drinking pomegranate juice not only maintains the stability of the cancer, but it helps also in killing cancer cells through “self-destruction,” and the paper reported by, Dr. Alan Bantek who share in supervise the study, That the improvements that occur by keeping the drinking of pomegranate juice was a surprise.