Kitchen Appliances

Buying high quality kitchen appliances doesn’t have to drain the wallet. Shopping around and using tips that can help to slash the prices up to forty percent without sacrificing the performance in the kitchen.

What are some of the ways that you can save on high quality kitchen appliances?

Compare Prices

Compare the prices between online shops, traditional home stores and department stores. Before shopping, wait two to three weeks and compare the prices of different promotions that are taking place. If shopping online, use popular online shopping search engines where the product can be entered and available online prices can be compared. Don’t forget, you can also compare the prices of in-store prices using most retailers’ websites.

Use Mail in Rebates

Throughout the year, there are popular leading brands of kitchen appliances that offer the customer mail in rebates. Customers can purchase the product and submit the receipt, as well as the filled-in mail in rebate to get a discount in the form of a check that is submitted. Mail in rebates can be an effective way to reduce the cost of shopping for kitchen appliances (especially is multiple purchases are being made from the same brand).

Shop Holiday Sales

Holiday sales happen throughout the year but two of the most widely recognized include Boxing Day and Black Friday. Shopping for high quality kitchen appliances on these holidays can help to reduce the cost, saving you as much as forty percent off of the regular price. Combined with in-store coupons and other promotions, you can cut the cost of the high quality appliances up to fifty percent.

Shop Free Shipping Events

The most competitive prices for high quality kitchen items can be found online, but often, the cost of shipping impedes the low cost of the appliances being purchased. Shopping through events where free shipping is offered through online stores, or buying more than one small appliance to meet the threshold for the free shipping offer can help to reduce the cost and help to make meal prep easy.

Consider Gently Used Appliances

Shopping for small kitchen appliances doesn’t mean that your first stop has to the local home and bath store. Consider shopping through online classified ads or local sales to find gently used appliances that can be used in the home. These appliances can help to cut the costs of the purchase and can give you a great deal on high end kitchen items.