Health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used in both prophylaxis and treatment of many conditions

Cinnamon and diabetes:

Studies indicate that there is obvious effect of cinnamon on the health status of patients with Type II diabetes, by increasing the ability of body tissues to respond to the available insulin, and reduce the production of many enzymes that inhibit the action of insulin on the effector cells, leading to an adjustable level of blood sugar to near normal range.

So eating 1 g cinnamon by daily led to Lowering blood sugar at a rate ranging between 18 and 29%-cinnamon and cholesterol:

It has very good effect on the blood lipids as it Reduces total cholesterol, Reduces bad cholesterol and reduces the proportion of triglycerides.- Resistance to microbes, tumors
cinnamon can helps in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease through its antimicrobial effect against the helicobacter pylori bacteria, which proved to be the cause in 95% of cases of stomach ulcers.

It helps in increasing resistance to tumors by increasing body immunity.

Cinnamon activates the mindcinnamon improves the functions of the brain and the mind and the ability to focus
• the primary mechanism associated with the fragrance of cinnamon and its direct impact on the brain.
• Another mechanism is through the effect of cinnamon in improving blood sugar level which is considered the brain fuel.

Cinnamon and heart

The medical studies have proved the influence of cinnamon on the blood platelets, cinnamon works to prevent deposition and aggregation of platelets which is an effect similar to the effect of aspirin.

And the benefits of cinnamon on the heart takes a wider range than before, after talking about their role in reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood and improving the response of the body’s cells to insulin, and after talking for its role in lowering cholesterol.

antioxidant effect

Cinnamon is Rich in the poly phenol compound which has powerful antioxidant effect.

for weight reduction

Cinnamon can be mixed with ginger and this mixture has powerful lypolytic effect.