Fruits Make Your Skin Glow

Fruits will surly make a fantastic addition to your diet. But, you may believe that eating fruit is to purchase, cutting, and then eating it… In fact, it’s not that simple, it is very important to know how to eat and when to eat fruit.“ You never have to have fruit after a meal; it has to be eaten when stomach is empty.”

In that way it will play an important role in removing toxins from the body and provide you with energy and vitality, and help reduce weight and increase activity …

But, if for example, say you took a piece of bread and then a piece of fruit. A piece of fruit will be ready just because it transmitted directly from the stomach into the intestine; it does not need to digest as a piece of bread, but actually it is prohibited from passing highway. So, the whole meal will get spoiled and ferment and thus turn into harmful acids … just at the minute the fruit begins to interact with the food and digestive juices in the stomach, the whole meal begin to spoil.

You must have heard many people complain of burping every time they eat a watermelon, or complain of swelling of the stomach, The fact that all the complaints experienced by many will disappear and will not occur if fruit is eaten on empty stomach, The fruit mixture with the material from rotting food produces gases, and this is what makes us feel bloating or swelling of the stomach.

And when you feel the need to drink fruit juice: only drink fresh, not canned juice, and do not drink juice until heated or sterilized in advance. And it is better to stay away from eating fruits cooked because they will not provide you with nutrition and the benefits that they contain. You will get a taste only; cooking destroys all the vitamins in fruits.

If you follow the correct way to eat fruit, you will have the top secret of beauty, health, happiness and normal weight. White hair or gray hair, baldness, excessive agitation, nervousness, and dark circles under the eye! All of this will not happen if you eat fruit on an empty stomach…!!!

And for an extraordinary experience of beauty, try to fast for three days on fruits and juice only to clean your body, you’ll be surprised that your friends will ask about the secret sunshine of your face!